German Disinfectant Giant, Solenal®, Announces Major Move to Focus on US Hospitality and Cruise Line Business

Solenal GmbH, a leader in virus and bacteria solutions, has announced the formation of Solenal Americas®, a US based company that will focus on providing innovative products and services to the North American market, including the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Solenal® produces a substance that is highly effective against all enveloped viruses which included Sars CoV-2 (Corona Virus), MRSA, common influenza, Herpes, Hepatitis A, B & C, norovirus and many others. Solenal® is based on a substance found in the human immune system, does no harm to humans, animals or nature, as well as having no negative effect on finishes and fabrics and can be used by housekeeping staff without PPE.

Solenal GmbH named well-known hospitality industry executive, H. David Murray, as Chairman & CEO of the Solenal Americas® organization. Solenal® Board Chairman, Klaus-Peter Drexel said “We have been overwhelmed with our success in the European market, with many hotels already disinfection using the Solenal® brand. In order to develop the North American market, we needed to make a total commitment to not only sales but production of the Solenal® brand in North America. In Dave Murray, we found the right person to provide both a marketing and manufacturing background to develop a similar footprint to what we have built in Europe.”

“In order for the hospitality and cruise line markets – really all markets – to return to some level of normalcy, people need to feel safe and secure. This is “job #1”. Solenal® provides the products that are much needed right now to help our world return to normal, and I am humbled to be the person chosen to lead this effort”, commented Murray. “Our first focus will be obtaining the necessary government approvals in all three of North America’s major countries.”

Murray will turn over his role as President & CEO of MGroup™, one of the most specified brand standard products for interior furnishings, in December to focus full time on the development of Solenal Americas® and has accepted the position to lead Solenal Americas® for a salary of $1/year.

“This is my opportunity to give back to the industry that has been so good to me over the years. Making travel safe again is the key to bringing the stability we need to bring the hospitality industry back to its pre-pandemic strength.”

H. David Murray, Chairman & CEO, Solenal Americas®

While the recent focus on the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly placed effective disinfectants that kill viruses and bacteria in the limelight, the real focus of Solenal® is the treatment of sick buildings’ water systems and indoor air quality. The applications are almost limitless. Contact for more information.