MTERIORS® – Croatian Factory

MGROUP™ Institutes a Pivot Plan to Move Some Hospitality Product Production from China to Croatia– Perfect for Select and Focused Service Projects

Take a Look Inside Our Ultra-modern Facility

In the last 18 months, since the Trade War with China has ratcheted up, MGroup™ has been working very hard on a pivot plan to move a percentage of our hospitality product production from China to other sources. One of those areas that we have found an incredible resource for laminate 3 and 4-star furniture, is Croatia and perfect for Select and Focused Service projects.

The Eastern European production facilities are more automated and have a much higher reliance on high tech equipment, than other resources in Asia. A considerable number of Asian manufacturers still hand process products. However, with the newest technology, our factory in Croatia allows for faster turn-around time, customization and preciseness.

Take a look at the video below to access a compelling story of how a miracle of manufacturing is taking place in Croatia and to peek inside our pristine factory.