MGroup™ Executive Leadership Changes Coming Soon

In order for the hospitality and cruise line markets – really all markets – to survive and return to some level of normalcy, people need to feel safe and secure. This is job #1. – Our collective future hangs on this premise.

I’ll be turning over my role as President & CEO of MGroup™, one of the most specified worldwide brand standard products for interior furnishings, in December to a dynamic leader chosen from inside the MGroup™ organization so I can devote my efforts to building awareness in a company that has developed what many believe to be a step towards a return to normalcy in our world by disinfecting interior spaces, big and small.

I’ll be joining a German team that has developed a family of products with a substance found in the human immune system that does no harm to humans, animals or the environment and is effective to within Log 6, 99.9999% of killing enveloped viruses and bacteria, including Sars CoV-2, the virus that has caused the current COVID pandemic. The product is equally as effective on MRSA, Common Influenza, Hepatitis, A,B &C, Norovirus and HIV, among many others. And the product does not harm fabrics, furniture, drapery, carpet or upholstery in the interior environment.

The company is Solenal® ( A new company, Solenal Americas®, LLC has been formed to bring the German product to the Americas. I am a shareholder in this new organization that will begin to market and manufacture the Solenal® cloud of products to the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.

I have accepted the position as Chairman & CEO of Solenal Americas® at a salary of $1/year.

This is my opportunity to give back to the industry that has been so good to me over the years. Making travel safe again is the key to bringing the stability we need to bring the hospitality industry back to its pre-pandemic strength.

I will continue in an oversight position as Chairman of MFLGH, Inc., MGroup’s parent company and our European sales team will continue to report through Arne Augustinussen, Director of European Operations, to me.

Solenal® provides the products that are much needed right now to help our world return to normal, and I am humbled to be the person chosen to lead this effort. Our first focus will be obtaining the necessary government approvals in all three of North America’s major countries.

I would like to thank all of you for your incredible loyalty and support over my 21 years since founding MGroup™ and its predecessors, Meridien International® and The Meridien Companies®.  In many cases our careers have run in tandem with each other and we have watched a segment grow from the early days of calling on Kemmons Wilson, founder of Holiday Inns, the company that started this incredible industry, to the mega giant firms that now are in our space.

I look forward to continuing to work together on this new mission, bringing our guests back to feeling safe in the hospitality market.

H. David Murray


MFLGH, Inc. (MGroup™)