Trevi® Countertops

In the 5 star market, marble has long been the specification of choice. Even with the issues of staining from wine, coffee and sometimes even water, marble provided the look that was equated with luxury. Now Mstone®, a part of MGroup™, is proud to say that the next generation of countertops is now available.

Our Trevi® Countertops bring the aesthetic of marble with unbeatable technical performance including stain, heat, and ultraviolet resistance. Crafted with lighter weight VLFT (very large format tile) and a 100% digital production process, Trevi® guarantees countertop surfaces with advanced properties in natural, structured, glossy polished and matte polished finishes. Our digital technology also uses water-based inks and glazes which means a more sustainable and eco-friendly product. Trevi® achieves the impossible by combining resistance and design on a large scale.

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