Why you should consider QuietLok® for your next project

If you are one of many people facing the challenge of designing a space, we are here to help you. There are so many decisions to be made when designing an area, whether it’s a lobby, guestroom or living room, and choosing flooring is easily the most important. It needs to bring your design together while being durable and comfortable. Let’s consider why QuietLok® ERT is essential in your design.

QuietLok® Enhanced Resilient Tile is a stunning flooring range from Mteriors® where aesthetics meets superior technology to create floors that are truly special. ERT does not contain phthalates which are plasticizers typically used with PVC and are harmful to humans. We offer QuietLok® ERT in a variety of colors, styles, and wear layers perfect for guestrooms or public areas. Our floors feature QuietCore® technology providing you with excellent sound abatement, low maintenance, and lasting durability. Installing QuietLok® ERT is easy with our ClikLok® technology. Best of all, it’s budget-friendly and pairs beautifully with our area rugs for maximum value.

QuietLok® One

QuietLok® One is an innovative, multi-layer floating floor that combines next-level technology with beauty. It is available in 10 color options consisting of 8.66” x 48.11” planks.  It features our QuietCore® and ClikLok® system technology with authentic ‘natural timber’ wood embossing. QuietCore provides a 4mm thick, extruded vinyl core layer making the floors very durable while ClikLok allows you to easily lock planks together during installation. With a 12-mil wear layer, QuietLok® One provides exceptional value with performance that is ideal for applications such as hotel guestrooms.

QuietLok® Plus

QuietLok® Plus is a very appealing, multi-layer floating floor that combines a sleek and attractive design with cutting-edge technology including our ClikLok® and QuietCore® systems. With a robust 22-mil wear layer, QuietLok® Plus is suitable for almost any interior space including public areas and hallways. Delicate detail in the wood grain is brought to life by natural and realistic in-register embossing. Available in 24 color options and consisting of 8.66” x 59.45” planks, QuietLok® Plus is a stunning flooring option.

QuietLok® Profiles

QuietLok® Profiles is a stunning, multi-layer floating floor that combines a whimsical design with extravagant capabilities of our ClikLok® and QuietCore® systems. Despite the various patterns our QuietLok Profiles flooring offers, installation is easy with ClikLok and QuietCore provides supreme durability with a 5mm thick, extruded vinyl core layer and a sturdy 22-mil wear layer. Intricate detail in the wood grain is revealed with in-register embossing and protected with our GuardLok™ finish. QuietLok Profiles is most suitable for high-traffic areas such as public areas and hallways and creates a very sophisticated appearance.

QuietLok® Dryback

QuietLok® Dryback floors are the most cost-efficient floors we offer and are perfect for high-traffic areas as they are a glue-down installation. We have two versions of our Dryback selection: Dryback 2.0 and Dryback 2.5. Both versions have planks measuring 7.87” x 48.11”. Dryback 2.0 floors have a 12-mil transparent vinyl wear layer and 2.0mm thick solid vinyl base allowing subtle transitions in floor levels and resistance to wear and tear. Dryback 2.0 floors are available in the same 10 beautiful colors offered in our QuietLok® One selection.

Dryback 2.5 floors have a sturdy 22-mil transparent vinyl wear layer and 2.5mm thick solid vinyl base that also allows subtle transitions in floor levels and resistance to wear and tear. Dryback 2.5 is available in 22 rich colors.

If you have questions or would like more information about our QuietLok flooring options, please reach out to us at 706-350-4300 or email us at info@mgroupcorp.com.