April brings Springtime Blues

With the warm weather fast approaching, we can’t help but feel some springtime blues, but with MGroup™’s vast variety of products, you can add a splash of fun with vibrant colors in any room. Let us help you turn those springtime blues into a happy dance.

We think shades of blue, grey, and tan make a fun and refreshing palette so we’ve selected some of our spectacular products to piece together starting with our bright blue Ultracera countertop – Monos Tiffany. To complement the blue stone tops, we suggest our pastel QuietLok® Plus ERT – Washed Oak Tan. This flooring provides superior durability and helps to neutralize any vivid color. For even more fun patterns and texture, add our Mpressions® area rugs, BLU-52203 and GRY-51203 which you can layer or use interchangeably. Not only do they provide sound reduction, but they allow your design more customization options through their detailed design and texture. We can even customize the dimensions and shape so you get what you need! Spring cleaning provides opportunity to refresh your space. Combine our stunning products with unique art and bright pillows and kiss springtime blues goodbye.

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