QuietLok® Enhanced Resilient Tile is a stunning flooring range from Mteriors® where aesthetics meets superior technology to create floors that are truly special.  ERT does not contain phthalates which are plasticizers typically used with PVC and are harmful to humans. By eliminating phthalates, we not only have a safer product to offer, but one that still stands strong in beauty and durability. We offer our QuietLok® ERT in a variety of colors, styles, and wear layers perfect for guestrooms or public areas. QuietLok® features isocore-backed flooring providing you with low maintenance, long product life, and green building certifications. It is of exceptional quality and durability, it is budget-friendly, and easy to install with our ClikLok® Technology. It provides spectacular sound abatement and pairs beautifully with our area rugs for maximum value.

For various color options and specifications, check out each of our QuietLok® floors below.