QuietLok® Profiles

QuietLok® Profiles is a stunning, multi-layer floating floor that combines a whimsical design with extravagant capabilities of our ClikLok® and QuietCore® systems. ClikLok allows you to easily lock in planks together during installation while QuietCore provides supreme durability with a 5mm thick, extruded vinyl core layer and a sturdy 22-mil wear layer. QuietLok Profiles is most suitable for high-traffic areas such as public areas and hallways. Intricate detail in the wood grain is revealed with in-register embossing and protected with our GuardLok™ finish.

Installing QuietLok® Profiles LVT is a lot easier than you may think. To find installation instructions for each pattern, visit the links below:

QuietLok Profiles Avron Installation Instructions

QuietLok Profiles Elias Installation Instructions

QuietLok Profiles Nevis Installation Instructions

QuietLok Profiles Windom Installation Instructions