Mteriors® is a leading provider for handmade and custom hand-finished area rugs. Produced in India and China, our custom hand-tufted rugs are crafted by our expert production and finishing team to match any design vision. We are also excited to offer our Ax-woven hand-finished rugs which are woven from Axminster wool and then carved and hand tufted. These are perfect for projects requiring large quantities. Any of our area rugs can be made to the exact size and color our customers need. To complement our rugs, we also offer incredible LVT flooring available in a variety of styles, colors, and wear layers. LVT flooring will look amazing, abate sound, and ultimately, save you money. In addition to our flooring elements, we offer stylish barn doors and GLISTANA™ mosaics. Mteriors® sets the standards for the following markets: 3-5 Star Hotels, Timeshares and Resorts, and Corporate Executive Offices.