Our corporate office is in LaGrange, GA, and it houses our Executive Leadership, Accounting, Project Management, Project Support, Operations, Contracts, Franchising, Marketing, and Warehouse teams.


Bob Yates, Director
Email: Bob.Yates@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-7372

Scott Murray, Vice President of Manufacturing & Development
Email: Scott.Murray@mgroupcorp.com
Mobile: (706) 302-4010

Kim Gable, Human Resource Specialist
Email: Kim.Gable@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6478

Melita Bouchet, Director of Marketing, Technology & CRM
Email: Melita.Bouchet@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-7373

Jessica Brannen, Creative Marketing Manager
Email: Jessica.Brannen@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-7373

Hannah Bell, Senior CRM Administrator
Email: Hannah.Bell@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6487

Brieanna Bailey, Graphic Design Specialist
& Rug Program and Development Designer
Email: Brieanna.Bailey@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6509

Cati Williams, CRM & Data Entry Assistant
Email: Cati.Williams@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6467

Addie Pruett, Marketing Administrative Assistant
Email: Addie.Pruett@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6464

Kendra DeVane, Project Manager
Email: Kendra.DeVane@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6466

Kyndra McIntosh, Project Manager – Mteriors®
Email: Kyndra.McIntosh@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 837-0008

Kelsey Puckett, Project Support
Email: Kelsey.Puckett@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6475

Kelly Blair, Project Support
Email: Kelly.Blair@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6439

Gayle Hall, Contracts Administrator
Email: Gayle.Hall@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-7374

Christina Gillardo, Management of Project Support
Email: Christina.Gillardo@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6474

Kristin Wood, Project Manager
Email: Kristin.Wood@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 616-0918

Shantel Washington, Project Support Associate
Email: Shantel.Washington@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6479

Keith Soles, Assistant Project Manager
Email: Keith.Soles@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6485

John Cleaveland, Project Manager
Email: John.Cleaveland@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6484

Mimi Jones, Manager of Project Management 
Email: Mimi.Jones@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6477

Brad LaMar, Project Management
Email: brad.lamar@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6480

Joshua Jones Project  Management
Email: joshua.jones@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6463

Holli Clendenin, Project Support Coordinator
Email: Holli.Clendenin@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 350-4300

Kym Addison, Project Manager
Email: Kym.Addison@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298 – 6509

Cathy Nelson, Project Manager
Email: Cathy.Nelson@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6503

Wendy Padgett, Accountant
Email: Wendy.Padgett@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6472

Veronica King, Accounting Manager
Email: Veronica.King@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6481

Yolanda Dents, Accounts Payable Administrator
Email: yolanda.dents@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 350-4300

Kendra Mobley, Accountant
Email: Kendra.Mobley@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6482

Carrie Williams, Accountant
Email: Carrie.Williams@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6483

Lisa Maxwell, Accountant
Email: lisa.maxwell@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 298-6472

Regina Arnold, Executive Assistant to the CEO / Office Manager
Email: regina.arnold@mgroupcorp.com
Office Phone: (706) 350-4300

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