Design your Guestrooms with MGroup™

Hospitality Guestrooms may be the single most important piece of a guest’s stay. The lobby front desk may make a first impression, but the appearance of a guestroom usually determines whether a guest books that hotel or not. After all, they’ll spend most of their hotel stay in their room, so aesthetics are everything. Just by the swipe of a few pictures, a guest can judge the cleanliness, comfort, and ambiance of a room. MGroup™, a worldwide market leader in hospitality products, offers everything you need for a guestroom including Mpressions® Area Rugs, QuietLok® ERT flooring, Casework, Ultracera® surfaces, and furniture through Mteriors®. We even have you covered on guestroom bathrooms with Mshower® Shower Kits but stay tuned as we dive into that segment next month!


QuietLok® ERT & Mpressions® Area Rugs

QuietLok® Enhanced Resilient Tile is a stunning flooring range from Mteriors® where aesthetics meets superior technology to create truly special floors. QuietLok® features isocore-backed flooring providing you with low maintenance, long product life, and green building certifications. It is of exceptional quality and durability while maintaining budget-friendly and easy to install with our ClikLok® Technology. It provides spectacular sound abatement and pairs beautifully with our area rugs for maximum value. We offer our QuietLok® ERT in a variety of colors, and styles, and wear layers perfect for guestrooms.

Mpressions® Area Rugs by Mteriors® brings to you Running Line Rugs Color Stories and Custom Line Rugs to meet your every need. Whether you require a quick ship option or a highly customized piece of art, we have you covered. Color Stories are individual collections of complimentary colors and patterns to make it easy to narrow down a color family and choose alternate options for layering or additional areas. Whether you want tropical colors or pale neutrals, we have it all. Custom Line Rugs may be the better fit if you don’t see exactly what you like or if you have a design inspiration. For large quantity orders, our Axminister woven option provides the look of hand-tufted rugs at the cost of a machine-made rug and is the perfect height to be placed alongside our QuietLok® ERT without the need for a transition strip. Create a unique statement piece that meets your exact specifications. Just tell us what you’re dreaming of, and we’ll put the thread to the needle creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Mstone® provides various types of casework to the hospitality industry including wardrobes, dressers, desks, shelving, and more. For guestroom bathrooms, we have custom vanity bases. We work with talented contractors and designers to create custom casework that meets specific project requirements, and we offer a wide range of materials, including solid wood, stained veneer, HPL, and melamine. 

Casework products are an integral part of any guestroom. They make a guestroom functional. Guests on a business trip may require a desk in their hotel room while guests staying for an extended period will probably take advantage of a dresser. Storage space is essential no matter the occasion. Customize beautiful and durable casework sets all from one place with MGroup™.

Ultracera® Surfaces

Ultracera® surfaces are created using a unique blend of ceramic and decorative aggregates. Exclusive to MGroup, the high-performance engineered product provides the beauty of natural stones while maintaining the look and feel of a modern manufactured surface. Ultracera® surfaces help keep your guestrooms cleaner and safer and make beautiful vanity and dresser tops. It is impermeable and prevents liquids and pathogens from penetrating the surface providing an extremely sanitary surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Ultracera® is as heavy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing as existing solid surface products, without relying on quartz aggregates, which naturally vary in characteristics and are environmentally damaging to produce. We offer over 170 options varying in colors and patterns.

Our Color Line includes over 170 color options with multiple patterns ranging from mottled to classic and others closely resembling granite and marble. We have bright, bold, and vibrant colors as well as neutral and subtle options. Whether you’re searching by style options or by pricing, we have you covered. Our Style Options are broken down by our original collection, granite patterns, marble patterns, mottled patterns, and our wild collection. Our Pricing Series includes over 80 colors among four pricing series to provide an extensive offering of colors and designs commonly used in the residential and hospitality market, at our best price possible. From classic to detailed, we offer our Economy, Midline, Select, and Luxury Series.

With so many colors and patterns to choose from, our Ultracera® countertops are sure to pair well with your project design. If you don’t see the perfect fit, customization options are available.


EVO Furniture & Design and Gainwell

From guestrooms and sitting areas to dining rooms and lobbies, we provide a complete line of furniture for full, select, and limited-service hotels through Mteriors®. Under Mteriors®, we offer 3-4 star furniture such as EVO® Furniture + Design, 4-5 star furniture, headboards, and seating, through our distribution agreement with Gainwell – a worldwide leader in hospitality furniture, and a multitude of others. Complete your custom casework sets of nightstands and desks with Mteriors® furniture. Your guests deserve the luxury of a comfortable bed and a nice chair to lounge in that are not only aesthetically appealing but functional too.

Consider MGroup™ for your guestroom products and stay tuned next month as we dive into our Mshower® offerings for guestroom bathrooms. For more information or to get started ordering, contact us! We look forward to working with you!