MGROUP™ Rug Program & Development Designer, Brieanna Bailey Visits Factories in China and India

As I get settled back into daily life, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the amazing journey I just took and what it meant for MGROUP™. The rug business and this trip were my form of Disney World, and I definitely left with the heart of Mickey Mouse. The entire time, my face was filled with an ear to ear smile. I was able to fully immerse myself into the daily culture while also learning so much about our rug industry and the developments we have been making. This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip I am so grateful for and want to share my experiences with everyone.

To truly understand the techniques and the evolution of rug development, I absorbed the culture in the daily lives of our amazing partners. Although the areas of Xining, Shenzhen, Varanasi, and New Delhi have vast cultural differences, they all celebrate life in the same manner.  Their history is an unforgettable pillar in their lives. They continue to commemorate all the historical events whose presence has formed their rich background. All of these areas are truly spectacular regions I was so lucky to experience, even for a short amount of time.

The importance of this trip was to show our factories how invested we are as a company in our rug business. Daily, I was able to meet the people we work with while developing amazing relationships I have no doubt will continue to grow. I was able to see part of their lives and culture. I can now truly understand how much dedication and passion goes into making the rugs we deliver daily to all of our clients. We have some very amazing partners who consistently bring us products and exceed our expectations.

During my journey, I was able to see how our rugs are constructed by hand and developed a better understanding of our capabilities. I walked throughout the facilities and was given an in-depth tutorial on each machine and techniques we use to create our rug designs. I learned so much valuable knowledge, that would not have been possible if I had not been there. The amazing artistry we’re able to achieve is truly an incredible process completed with very little modern conveniences. The partners we have, truly understand how much of the rug industry is an art form and not just an accent. The finishes are maintained due to century-old techniques we continue to follow.

Our very endearing partners made sure I was able to participate in all parts of their culture. From the temples to ceremonies, to trips to the markets, all forms of their daily life are memories I will never forget and will always inspire me to grow as a designer and a person. Though their walks of life may differ from ours, their personal value grows on the basis of family and history. These morals are foundations in which I strive to make a daily pillar in my life and act as an inspiration.

I hope the pictures I share below give you the same joy and understanding I was able to experience. If you have any questions or want to learn more, I am here for you.

Until next time,