Ultracera® Benefits

Ultracera® – The Next Generation Eco-Friendly Surface, is an MGroup™ exclusive surface created to maintain the look and feel of natural stone without damaging the environment, the health of our factory workers, and your wallet. Ultracera® is a patented product with a non-silica-based formula. We use synthetic ceramic-based raw materials to ensure Ultracera® cares for the environment and delivers overall benefits for you and our employees.

Let’s discuss all its incredible benefits, starting with how creating it combats many environmental issues. Ultracera® utilizes responsibly mined ceramics-based raw materials and recycled glass to preserve environmentally sensitive areas. Extracting these raw materials is low impact and doesn’t erode environmentally sensitive areas as quartz does.

We limit our carbon footprint in our factory as well, beginning with utilizing solar energy from solar panels as our primary source of energy for powering the factory. Additionally, we save water by collecting and using 100% rainwater in a high-efficiency water recirculation and filtration process, as seen in the picture on the right. Furthermore, we maintain low VOCs – volatile organic compounds. Low VOCs are good for the environment and living organisms. Lastly, we repurpose waste. Solid waste from fabrication is used for building materials.

Have you heard of silicosis? Silicosis is a long-term lung disease caused by inhaling large amounts of crystalline silica dust. Silica is the predominant ingredient in engineered quartz and engineered glass. Our formula to create Ultracera® is consistently less than 7% crystalline silica. Engineered quartz is generally between 90-95% crystalline silica.

How do you keep Ultracera® surfaces safe and clean after production? We treat all Ultracera® with an antimicrobial agent throughout the body of the material and on the surface that significantly inhibits all bacteria growth 24/7 and remains cleaner longer than untreated surfaces. Its water absorption rate is only 0.03%, which prevents liquids and pathogens from penetrating the surface.

Let’s talk certifications. Ultracera® is certified by the National Health & Safety Foundation. An NSF-51 certification ensures the products we provide meet strict standards for public health protection. Its UL Greenguard Gold Certification guarantees our products pass the most rigorous chemical emissions standards, decreasing indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure leading to sickness. It’s also certified by ASTM C650 accredited laboratories that routinely test the surfaces to ensure they withstand the effects of harsh cleaning chemicals. Ultracera® passed ANSI Z124.6-07 against stain resistance as well.

If you still need convincing, let’s discuss how affordable it is. We offer over 100 colors within our four Pricing Series – Economy, Midline, Select, & Luxury, created to meet the needs of both the hospitality and multi-unit industries.

Our complete color line includes over 180 colors with various patterns such as pebbled, mottled, wild colors, and those resembling granite and marble. Customization options are always available. Get started today by finding a rep in your area!