Chill Breeze

October welcomes the start of a new season and brings many of us a refreshing “chill breeze” and appreciation for the leaves changing colors. Our design picks this month are inspired by the natural beauty of autumn colors outdoors. Refresh your space with MGroup™ flooring, rugs, countertops, and furniture.

The flooring we’ve chose for this particular design is our QuietLok® Profiles – Windom Sable. The windom collection creates a remarkable herringbone pattern when installed and the color sable is an ideal neutral base that seamlessly flows with existing flooring and paint colors. Surprisingly, this herringbone pattern is actually really easy to install with our ClikLok® technology. Simply “lock-in” planks together to create the desired design. Next, we accessorize with two new rugs added to our Autumn Leaves Running Line Rugs Collection. ORG-42001 is a hand-tufted orange and beige rug made of wool and available in two different sizes. MLT-51504 is a multi-color hand-knotted rug with a variety of colors that creates a stitching effect in the design. It is also available in two sizes. Stack these rugs to create dimension or use them as complements of each other in the same space or individual rooms. Finally, complete your space with Ultracera® Cubagua Shore stone countertop. Ultracera® countertops bring you the aesthetic appeal of marble and granite stone at a fraction of the cost with low maintenance and superior durability. Cubagua Shore is part of our Select Pricing Series and is ideal for the hospitality and multi-family markets. We also offer a complete line of furniture for guestrooms, lobbies, and many more spaces. Amp up your design with gold and rust accents in pictures, lighting, pillows, and more. Make yourself cozy under a blanket with a nice bowl of chili and allow that “chill breeze” to bring the outdoors in.

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