Why Every Hotel Needs Rugs

It’s true… Every hotel needs rugs! Not only do they provide design appeal, but they offer some incredible benefits. This one element does so much more for a space than you may know and we would love to introduce you to its many benefits.

1. Home Sweet Home

For any environment to be comfortable, there must be some aspects that bring the coziness of being at home. The feeling of warmth and comfort comes greatly from textures. Textures help bring a space together. Rugs are a great way to do this. Rugs break up the monotony of a hard surface floor. They provide spatial recognition and define the area of a room.

If you have an arrangement of chairs in a huge lobby, it is technically a sitting area, but it may feel more like a formal environment than a relaxing place to spend time in. Adding a rug creates a more relaxed common area. A rug brings warmth and softness making guests more comfortable. Check out our complete line of area rugs to liven up your space.

2. Come One, Come All

Rugs do more than make you feel at home – they welcome you into a room. They add design, texture, and color. All rugs are unique and provide their own character. The varying characteristics of a rug work with the design pieces around it to invite you into a space. Think of an entryway for instance… A splash of color and different textures from a rug elevates the entryway and catches your eye, drawing your attention around the room. Rugs help create a warm and inviting space.


One of the best things about rugs is that they help with noise control. Have you ever walked into a room and heard the echoes of sound follow you? High ceilings and hard surfaces produce this effect. Rugs are an easy way to provide a solution to traveling noises. The fibers in rugs allow sound to be absorbed easily while maintaining the benefits of hard flooring surfaces. With all the traffic constantly flowing throughout hotels, rugs are a great way to quiet things down.

4. Push it real good. The vacuum that is…

Keeping rugs clean doesn’t have to be a chore. Wool and other hearty materials are just as easy to clean as any other surface. Depending on the spill or stain, there are several solvents that can be used to spot clean, but for typical maintenance, rugs should only be vacuumed. Professional cleaning is recommended once per year, but if for some reason you cannot get the stain out, rugs are zero installation making them easy to replace. Just unroll and they’re ready to go!

5. SO MANY Design Options!

We know endless design options can be overwhelming… That’s why we’ve curated running line rug “color stories”. We have 10 different color stories each with its own theme for an easy decision-making process. Each color story has a variety of area rugs that feature similar colors and/or textures so you can quickly choose a rug to complete an existing design or easily select more than one rug that will pair perfectly with another.

If you need a one-of-a-kind piece of art or a large quantity order, Mpressions® can also create a custom rug to fit your exact specifications. Our process is easy! Show us your inspiration whether it be a picture, a pillow, or an existing rug, let us know where you plan to place the rug, and list specifications needed such as material and size, and the magic begins.

Mpressions® is proud to offer a wide variety of rug options to meet your every need. Whether you require a quick ship option or a highly customized piece of art, we have you covered with handcrafted rugs of the finest materials. The next time you go to a hotel, notice how the rugs pull all the design elements together. They offer great benefits besides providing a unique look that completes your design space. They are the artwork of the floor and should definitely be considered when you are planning your next hospitality project. Also, if you see a person in a hotel standing around admiring the flooring and rugs, that is probably me.

Brieanna Horseman

Rug Program and Development Designer