Farewell John Cleaveland

At MGroup™, we have always put our team first. Some of us get more of the ‘limelight’ and exposure than others, but our success builds on our dedicated team of professionals committed to our goal of peak performance.

MGroup™ gathered for a combination sales/training meeting and holiday celebration last month. We celebrated at the Truitt Vanderbilt Club, a carefully restored 1914-era Georgian home, now an incredible venue to showcase the variety of products MGroup™ brings to the market. We celebrated one of the unsung heroes of our team, John Cleveland’s retirement, at the Holiday Party. John has been with MGroup™ for 9 years managing our daily Operations and Logistics. He was part of the “glue” that provided MGroup™ with a solution during the supply chain debacle providing answers in a particularly troubling period of stress for the global supply chain. He was a big part of why we were “ahead of the curve” in offering options that met our client’s schedules.

John has an extensive background both personally and professionally. He is a navy fighter pilot veteran. He earned two master’s degrees in architecture and construction engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He came to MGroup™ with experience working as a regional general contractor and he redesigned our headquarters, the Meridien House, and our Annex building. Furthermore, he planned and implemented our warehouse and samples inventory program. Without John’s extensive background and efforts, our worldwide shipments and general operations wouldn’t be nearly as sufficient.

We will miss his knowledge of harmonized codes, customs brokerage, liaisons with fellow international partners, and getting goods from “Point A to Point B”. We are thrilled to welcome back Kyndra McIntosh who has returned to MGroup™ as our Director of Logistics, filling John’s position. She most recently was involved in moving the soccer pitch playing surfaces for the World Cup in Qatar, and in her own right, is no stranger to moving goods around the world.

We wish John the best in his retirement and thank him for his dedicated service. He will always be a part of the MGroup™ family!