Gloom to Bloom Design Picks

If you live in the south, March brings warmer weather and thoughts of spring. For many of us, spring represents a new beginning or a fresh take on life. It is warm and inviting as flowers begin to bloom, leaves grow on trees again, and we can spend our evenings outside as Daylight Savings begins. Our March design picks were hand-selected to inspire you and improve your mood from gloom to bloom.

The base of our design is our QuietLok® ERT Flooring in a very popular color; Gotham Oak Brown, offered in our QuietLok® Plus collection. It’s a very appealing multi-layer floating floor that includes our ClikLok® and QuietCore® technology. ClikLok allows you to easily lock in planks together during installation while QuietCore provides a 4mm thick, extruded vinyl core layer making the floor very durable. With a robust 22-mil wear layer, QuietLok Plus is suitable for almost any interior space including public areas and hallways. Delicate detail in the wood grain is brought to life by natural and realistic in-register embossing.

Of course, to make your space more inviting and comfortable, our Running Line Rugs are a great option. Not only do they accentuate your design, but they also offer noise reduction. The first rug we selected is AQU-52009; an aqua and beige rectangular wool rug that’s hand-tufted. It’s one of my personal favorites as I love the colors and fun design! In addition, we’ve hand-picked GRY-52080. It is a grey and yellow rug with a fun design that works as a pairing with the aqua rug or as an alternative option to your design. GRY-52080 is also hand-tufted and made of wool and available in a 5′ x 7’6″ or 8′ x 10′. Do these fun rugs remind you of spring and blooming flowers?

Lastly, we have our Ultracera® countertops… a popular product among clients! Choose from V4100 – Key Parchment or P1103 – Basseterre Mist. Key Parchment is from our mottled collection. It’s a neutral beige with subtle white mottling throughout. Basseterre Mist is from our original collection and is an off-white with a small, pebbled design. Both colors are sold under our Pricing Series at a competitive price. Key Parchment is part of our Select Series while Basseterre Mist falls under our Economy Series. Ultracera® is a high-performance countertop option that maintains the look and feel of traditional countertop surfaces without causing damage to the environment. It is the wiser option! Customization options are available. Shop our products below and let us help you create a space sure to make you go from gloom to bloom! To find a sales rep in your area, click here!

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