MGroup has designer-friendly products!

Hey designers! MGroup™ has products suited to meet your needs including our Mpressions® Area Rugs, QuietLok® flooring, Ultracera® countertops, and Mteriors® furniture. What makes them designer-friendly? Let’s discuss…

We have a large selection of our Mpressions® Area Rugs which includes our Running Line Rugs and Custom Rugs. We offer over 600 rugs in our full collection, but to make your choice easier, we’ve created color stories – an advanced solution to help with your design needs. Color Stories make it easy to narrow down a color family and choose coordinates for additional areas that match accordingly. We have 9 different stories to choose from, each with their own color theme and variety of patterns. All of our Running Line Rugs are readily available in standard sizes of 5′ x 7’6″ and 7’9″ x 10’6″ but can be made in other dimensions for a slightly longer lead time. If you need to match a specific design or just want something unique, we offer custom rugs. Designing a custom rug doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn about our easy 3-step process, here.

Next, we have six different collections of our QuietLok® flooring offering almost 100 total colors. Each collection features its own pattern, installation-style, embossing, and wear layer. A popular choice among designers is our QuietLok Profiles which we recently introduced and QuietLok Plus pictured below. Profiles has 8 color options in 4 different designs including a basketweave pattern, herringbone, and small-scale and large-scale chevron. No matter your color scheme or furniture desires, you can choose the type of flooring that suits your project best!

When guests approach the hotel front desk, the star of the show should be Ultracera® countertops. We have over 170 options to choose from. To make it easy for you, we’ve organized our full collection by Style Options; Original Collection, Granite, Marble, Mottled, and Wild Collection. Each collection has a variety of colors with similar patterns. Our Original Collection features a subtle pebbled design while our Granite and Marble collections feature patterns simulated to look like those stones. Our Mottled Collection is spotted patterns and patterns that feature veining, and our Wild Collection is just as it sounds- vibrant, fun, bright colors. On the off chance you don’t find the perfect fit, customization options are always available.

To finalize your dream design, Mteriors® furniture can provide the finishing touch! We have beds, couches, desks, tables, and more! Everything is created upon request, so your options are endless for dimensions, colors, materials, and other specifications. As seen in the image below, at the Hyatt Centric in Charlotte, NC, we provided the beds, headboards, seating, casework, and our QuietLok flooring. Whether you have your eye on a product we have already created, or an inspirational idea, we can make your dream design come to life!

After implementing our designer-friendly products, you should feel at ease with the process and results. All that’s left to do is sit back and appreciate the design you created… until time for the next project!

For more information or to get started building your dream design, find a sales rep near you!