We Are MGroup™ – Interview with Kelsey Puckett

Kelsey began working at MGroup™ just over 5 years ago and has definitely made an impact! As an A&D / FF&E Business Development Specialist, Kelsey focuses on building up our FF&E program by forming relationships with design firms and purchasers. She assists our sales team as well in casegood quoting and orders. She is a friend both in and out of work and we are so thankful for her.

Learn more about Kelsey in the one-on-one interview below.

How long have you been with MGroup™?

KP: I just celebrated my 5-year anniversary with MGroup in December.

What is your role at MGroup™?

KP: My current role is an A&D/FF&E Business Development Specialist.

I started in December 2017 working in Project Support, and then moved into Project Management in 2018. Since then, I have continued to work in both areas handling casegood quotes, as well as managing various projects.

How did you end up working with MGroup™?

KP: I was actually finishing up a job running a preschool gymnastics program and knew I wanted to get back into the design industry. My friend, Kyndra McIntosh, was working in Project Support at the time and let me know they had a position open.

I already knew quite a few people who worked at MGroup, and they had said great things about the company. I interviewed and was working within the next week or so.

What is your experience and background in the industry?

KP: I have my degree in Interior Design and had only worked in residential prior to working with MGroup. My first internship and job were with an adorable local shop doing room makeovers and designing custom draperies and pillows from their retail store.

When we moved to Georgia, I started working with a kitchen and bath firm as their Project Coordinator. I assisted in AutoCAD drawings and wrote all the scopes of work for each project. I also budgeted the projects and assisted our subcontractors in the field, as well as maintaining all client relationships. I learned a lot through that company, and it helped me grow in all of the knowledge that I brought to my roles here at MGroup.

What do you enjoy most about working for MGroup™?

KP: The people who work at MGroup are phenomenal. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without this great team of people.

I love working remotely as well. It was an adjustment at first, but it has allowed so much more time to be at home with my daughter and gave us the flexibility needed for us to move back to Arkansas to be closer to our family.

What are the values that drive you?

KP: Kindness, integrity, dependability, and hard work. Above all, I want my fellow MGroup team and our clients to know that I was kind, and they can always count on me to do what is right on every project.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve done while at MGroup™ or something that was the most memorable about working at MGroup™?

KP: I have several great memories from my 5 years of working with MGroup, but the one that sticks out to me most was from my very first week of working. It was the week before Christmas, and one of the project managers went from room to room with his guitar encouraging everyone to sing Christmas carols with him. It was definitely a memorable start to working with MGroup!