We Are MGroup™ – Interview with Ted Murray

Ted has worked at MGroup™ since 2008 as our Midwest Regional Sales Manager. Highlighting him this month is bittersweet as he’s retiring at the end of January. Over the last 15 years, Ted has created and maintained important long-term relationships with clients and ensured we go above and beyond to meet client needs in a timely and effective manner. Ted has been an instrumental part of helping MGroup grow into where we are today, and we are so thankful for his dedication and loyalty.

Learn more about Ted in the one-on-one interview below.

How long have you been with MGroup™?

TM: I’ve been with MGroup for 15+ years. I’m retiring January 31, 2024. 

How did you end up working with MGroup™?

TM: I had just retired from teaching Marketing Education/DECA for 35 years and David (owner/founder) called me and said he needed my help. He sent me a plane ticket to come to LaGrange and after two days of training, I was sent into the field as the Midwest Regional Sales Manager.

What is your experience and background in the industry?

TM: My experience in the field before coming to MGroup was very limited. I had taught Marketing Education/DECA and coached at the high school level, so I thought that was very beneficial. Being an outgoing person helped me in both careers and made the work easier for me. Being able to retire from both is very special.

What is your role at MGroup™?

TM: My role at MGroup is that of being the Midwest Regional Sales Manager. I cover 14 states throughout the Midwest.

What do you enjoy most about working for MGroup™?

TM: I have enjoyed working with outstanding people in all areas at MGroup. I have always had a saying that goes back to coaching “The Best is Yet to Be” and tried to live up to that every day while working for the MGroup. It is a challenge to be a successful sales rep and I have worked very hard to achieve success. I have always taken my position very seriously and sometimes too much. I have enjoyed meeting many developers, general contractors, project managers, purchasers, and hotel managers in my 15 years with a lot of them now friends.

What are the values that drive you?

TM: The values that drive me are Dedication, Determination, Punctuality, Courteous, Detailed, Organized, and Self-Motivation. I have always set very high goals not only in sales but in teaching and coaching. I always have pushed myself to be the best that I can be every day in both careers. In sales, being told NO only drove me to try much harder to be successful.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve done while at MGroup™ or something that was the most memorable about working at MGroup™?

TM: The most memorable things for me while at MGroup have been working with tremendous and dedicated people who are always willing to help others. The friendships that I have made at MGroup and with my clients are ones that I will treasure forever. I had the opportunity to travel to many big cities (Las Vegas, Honolulu, Washington D.C., Dallas, St Louis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Lexington, Louisville, and Toronto, ON). The trade shows that I attended were a great learning tool and a chance to meet many new and old clients.


I owe a lot of thanks to my cousin, David & Patti Murray for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to be a sales representative. My very close friend, Bob Yates, for providing me with very important lessons to be the best that I could be, Tim Kulikowski for helping me become a better salesperson, but most importantly a more understanding person, Bo Burdette for always asking me questions about how I did things to become successful to now being our leader, Larry Hoffman on providing a wealth of knowledge and leadership to our team. Larry has been the most valuable asset to our team that I have witnessed in my 15 plus years. I have enjoyed working with Scott, Michael, and Drew very much. I will miss talking to them not only about work but just little things along the way, Woody Dobbs for being a very good friend. I cannot forget to say something about Eli Abner as Eli was my source of knowledge when I started and a real mentor as well as a friend. Christina Gwinn for always having the right answers and for teaching me how to be more patient. My time at MGroup has been very rewarding, and enjoyable. I will miss working 12-hour days, calling clients, emailing clients, talking to co-workers, and traveling for work, but it is time to move on to watching my grandkids play sports, traveling with my wife, Karen, and playing more golf.

We will miss you Ted, but you will always be considered part of the Mfamily, and we wish you nothing but happiness in your future!! Thank you for all you’ve done for the company and our employees, both personally and professionally. Congratulations on your retirement!