We Are MGroup™ – Interview with Robin Pike

Robin has worked at MGroup™ for almost four years in our Accounting Department, handling end-of-month analyses, change orders, waivers, and financial reporting. She is both quiet and kind, yet always reliable and willing to help. Living in Lagrange, Robin is always eager to attend in-person company events with a smile. We are so glad she’s on our team and happy to cast a spotlight on a valued team member.

Learn more about Robin in the one-on-one interview below.

How long have you been with MGroup™?

RP: It has been four years this month.

How did you end up working with MGroup™?

RP: My job was eliminated at a local manufacturing company due to restructuring and downsizing. A former co-worker saw the job posting and told me about it. After my interview, I went home, and my husband said, “I can see you liked them,” before he even asked what I thought. He was right. I accepted the job the next day.

What is your experience and background in the industry?

RP: I worked as an Accountant for 29 years with a flooring manufacturer that had hospitality and multifamily segments, so I became familiar with the industry before working here, but MGroup offers a much more expansive product selection.

What is your role at MGroup™?

RP: I am currently the Interim Accounting Manager. My primary duties are month-end analysis, financials and reporting, and processing change orders and waivers.

What do you enjoy most about working for MGroup™?

RP: I enjoy working from home. It is a change brought about by Covid-19. It is a more relaxed work environment, with fewer distractions and time spent socializing, allowing me to be more productive. Microsoft Teams maintains teamwork through daily chats with co-workers. I also benefit from being in nature during my lunch breaks with Scooter (my mini Aussie/four-legged co-worker) at our picnic table by the stream. It is a great way to keep stress levels low.

What are the values that drive you?


  • Integrity 
  • Honesty 
  • Responsibility 
  • Fairness 
  • Balance 

What is the most interesting thing you’ve done while at MGroup™ or something that was the most memorable about working at MGroup™?

RP: Volunteering at Camp Viola was both most interesting and memorable. It is always good to give back. It was also a great example of teamwork. We all know our strengths, so we were able to choose which tasks best fit us. Together, we finished everything on the Camp Viola “To Do” list, and a few more they added that day. We surprised them with how much we accomplished, and it was a testament to our teamwork. It was also nice having the rest of the day off to recover from the manual labor. 😊