How MGroup Can Help You Tackle Your Renovation Project

Despite the pandemic last year, hotel renovation projects were still in full swing in the United States. We often see that consumer preferences lean toward modern design while keeping some of the old charm and popular locations over new architecture. The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for the increase in renovation projects, as hotels took advantage of low occupancy rates resulting in less guest disturbance. Renovating during the pandemic also allowed hotels to welcome guests back in a refreshing and exciting way. 

As the world starts to recover from global shutdowns amid the pandemic, property renovations continue to be on the rise. Customers are demanding more from their hotel stays, including energy conservation, sustainable infrastructure, and eco-friendly building techniques, all with a contemporary style. Renovations give hotels a competitive edge as travel begins to return to normal and as trends are predicted to be record high in the next few years.  

To better understand the renovation market, let’s discuss some of the differences between renovation projects and new builds. Renovation projects have more compressed schedules during both the pre-bid phase and the actual construction phase. However, there is substantially more coordination needed on renovations as you fit new products and plans into existing layouts. Oftentimes, your products must be coordinated between as-built drawings, new design drawings, and field surveys. Based on all of this, a collaboration between parties is more critical than ever for success. 

MGroup™ is here to help you through your renovation process. We’ve provided materials for hundreds of hospitality projects over the last 20 years. Matthew Van Norman, our lead renovation manager, oversees the development and oversight of our renovation program as the market continues to grow. Matthew has been in construction management for over ten years and structural engineering for over eight years.

“I’m looking forward to meeting our client’s needs regarding their upcoming renovation projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. With MGroup’s unique relationship with project-specific manufacturing and attention to detail, I feel like my construction management experience will add a level of customer service for our clients that will make MGroup a leading competitor in the hospitality renovation market.”  – Matthew Van Norman, Lead Renovation Manager

Furthermore, our manufacturing team is well versed on the difference between the two types of construction and what is required to ensure each job runs smoothly and successfully. Our countertop and cabinetry manufacturing are managed under one roof to ensure the two components are properly coordinated. We recommend certified installation teams who specialize in hospitality construction and provide a turnkey solution to our clients. Lastly, we offer field surveys that allow us to be on-site with projects to verify site conditions and deliver materials based on the project’s construction schedule. 

Visit the link below for more information about our Renovation Program. We look forward to working with you on your next project!