Managing Supply Chain Interruptions

Dear reader,

For many of you, this will be my first contact since being named President & CEO of MGroup. I am very pleased to fill the shoes of our founder and former CEO, Dave Murray. Along with Scott and Drew Murray and a very talented management team, we continue to find new and interesting ways to compete for your business.

Our former CEO was well-known for keeping the industry informed on “big picture” subjects like tariffs, shipping, and supply chain interruptions.  I will also try and keep our customers informed so that they can make the best choices.

Many will attest that they have never seen freight prices so high. Delivery dates are long, prices are skyrocketing, and there are areas of product shortages. Without being too political, many of these situations were on the horizon. Artificially high tariffs, dumping duties, and punitive charges against some countries, notably China, all create unnatural trade restrictions. Today, the industry is feeling the adverse effects. Government interference in trade rarely accomplishes anything tangible.

When the trade wars heated up several years ago, our MGroup team became less dependent on China and pivoted our supply chain to other regions. While this has not made MGroup immune from high container costs, it has provided a predictable supply chain. Freight may be high, but you will get your product.

Whether it be bathroom countertops, millwork and vanities, furniture and upholstery, LVT flooring, or many other hospitality furnishings, MGroup is delivering from multiple regions, including domestic production in some key areas.

If you are faced with your vendors shutting down because they cannot get key items to finish your orders, reach out to the MGroup team for fast and effective solutions.

We can’t make the freight prices go down. They will remain high, perhaps through Lunar New Year, but we can make sure you get your products in a reasonable time frame. And… we can provide products from regions you probably are not working with, but we are!

Contact us today at or for real answers.

Thanks for your support. We look forward to working with you!

With best regards,

Bo Burdette