MGroup™ is Still Growing

The last four months have been one of the most unusual periods of time that I have ever experienced in my 40 plus years of working. Surreal, actually. If in December someone would have told me that we were two months away from travel being halted worldwide, hotels shuttering and a pandemic killing hundreds of thousands of people it would be hard to believe. Add to that scenario the addition of social unrest due to racial inequality making our path forward even more difficult. I probably would have dismissed them as just another doomsday conspiracy theorist. But the situation is real . . . very real.

This has been a difficult time . . . but our team has adapted to the new normal in an exceptional way.

Since March 12, our team has been working from home all over the world. We have conducted countless Teams video conferences with clients and we have maintained our relevancy. While the pace of projects has certainly slowed, MGroup™ has met the challenge and responded better than we thought possible.

Our June sales figures were compiled and reviewed by our Executive team on July 1st. The results were surprising!

MGroup™ June sales were 14% above June 2019! Keeping in mind that 2019 annual sales were $7 million higher than 2018 sales volume, this is a remarkable number. We are closing a higher percentage of our opportunities and focusing on the customer service and performance that will enable our customers to count on our MGroup™ team during these difficult times.

What keeps customers coming back to MGroup™?

Perhaps it is because we offer a robust and redundant supply chain from multiple points in the world. Recently we shipped a sleeper sofa order that came to us because the original vendor was closed due to COVID-19. We were able to move the order to our team in Croatia – a country largely unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Poland, Malaysia, some US states and all of Spain and Portugal were closed but we delivered on time and on budget.

Perhaps it is because we offer our clients solutions from countries not affected by high tariffs and duties. Our clients never have to worry about MGroup™ not being in compliance with all known tariffs and duties.

Or perhaps it is because our people are strong, have a will to find a way to satisfy our customers and continue to build their trust in us.

We sincerely thank our loyal customers for the fact that no MGroup™ team members have been furloughed, laid off or made redundant due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our customers have not given up and are facing this new normal with a resolve to win. Many projects are moving forward, less than in the past, but enough for the best performing organizations to survive and prosper. Contact Drew Murray, our VP of Business Development, and let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can be a more relevant resource to your team.

Let’s join together in working to beat this pandemic!

With Sincere Appreciation,


President and CEO