Take the QuietLok® Challenge

In a head to head comparison – QuietLok Plus® won! At the Hyatt Place Seaport, our QuietLok Plus® LVT product was compared side by side in the real world with another leading competitor’s product. It was unanimous! The owner, the brand, the general contractor, and the designer all chose the model room installed with QuietLok-Plus®.

One of the biggest differences in the two model rooms was the way that the QuietLok-Plus® resisted scuffs and scratches far better than the competitor’s product. The PermaQ® protective barrier is the biggest reason for the better performance. In tests up to 3,000 cycles, our QuietLok-Plus® product showed no visible change in surface.

Take the QuietLok® challenge – today. If you have an upcoming new build or renovation project, call or contact us today and we’ll send you QuietLok-Plus® for the model room.  If you do not choose it for your project, then you don’t have to pay for the material.

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