The MShower® Advantage

• All MShower® Pans within UPC requirements are IAPMO UPC Listed. This ensures our products comply with national
plumbing codes, and that our manufacturing process is routinely inspected and meets strict guidelines including:

Plumbing Code and Product Design Compliance

Rigorous Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Registered Manufacturing Facility

Material Handling and Safety Requirements

Active QA/QC Complaint Logs

Product Labeling and Packaging

(Not all sizes qualify for sizing clearance requirements by UPC. For shower pans less than 32” wide, all other UPC parameters are achieved.)

• A UPC Listed product helps expedite plumbing inspections and lets the plumbing inspector know the fixture meets national
plumbing requirements.

• Shower pans are available in regular or trench drain models, fitted for decorative drain covers made from either stainless steel,
color matched fiberglass, or powder-coated steel.

• MShower® Pans are comprised of a proprietary blend of polyester resin and chemically inert fine sandstone complemented
with a sanitary and sealed gel coating. MShower® pans are both beautiful and rugged, weighing around 200 pounds for a
typical shower.

• Custom molding and designs are available:
MShower® uses 3D printers and large format 3D routers to develop custom molds and shower pan molds to rapidly develop
custom products. Jobsite constraints requiring custom sizing and drain locations are available and provided at a fraction of the
cost from other suppliers.

To verify listing status, visit the IAPMO R&T product listing directory at