Ultracera® fits your budget with Pricing Series

Ultracera Pricing Series was created to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, senior/assisted living segment, and multi-family housing market including, but not limited to, apartments, condominiums, and duplexes. Our Pricing Series includes over 80 colors among four design series to provide an extensive offering of colors and designs commonly used in the market, at our best price possible.

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Why you should consider QuietLok® for your next project

If you are one of many people facing the challenge of designing a space, we are here to help you. There are so many decisions to be made when designing an area, whether it’s a lobby, guestroom or living room, and choosing flooring is easily the most important. It needs to bring your design together while being durable and comfortable. Let’s consider why QuietLok® is essential in your design.

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Create Mpeccable Public Areas with MGroup™

Designers face many challenges when creating public areas for the hospitality industry. Needing a space that's functional but also catches the eye and makes a grand first impression is difficult. MGroup™, a worldwide market leader in hospitality products, offers QuietLok® ERT, Mpressions® Area Rugs, and Public Area Millwork to serve your every need for public areas.

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MGroup™ Serves the Multifamily Market

Did you know MGroup™ serves the multifamily market nationwide? We offer several interior products designed to meet the unique requirements of the multifamily market including shower pans, doors, and surrounds, granite, quartz, and Ultracera® countertops, porcelain sinks, accessories, and our QuietLok® ERT, all at very affordable pricing.

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Save Time and Money with One Ultimate Resource for All Your Shower Needs – Mshower®

Designers and contractors face many challenges while creating spaces for the hospitality industry. Crafting a room can be difficult when you're working with multiple pieces from numerous vendors, especially a guestroom shower where measurements, installation, and organization are critical and can be a headache if not managed properly. Consolidating communication to one point of contact significantly helps save time and money by streamlining your project. After recognizing the demand, we here at MGroup™, a worldwide market leader in hospitality products and parent brand, created the ultimate resource for your shower needs – Mshower®.

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How MGroup is Helping Navigate Shipping Obstacles

If you’ve built a hotel, priced out a home renovation project, or even just tried to purchase a pair of jeans that were on back order over the last 12+ months, then you are intimately aware of just how tumultuous the impact of Covid-19 has been on the ocean container shipping market, and in turn, anyone that has been importing goods since the start of the outbreak.

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How MGroup Can Help You Tackle Your Renovation Project

Despite the pandemic last year, hotel renovation projects were still in full swing in the United States. We often see that consumer preferences lean toward modern design while keeping some of the old charm and popular locations over new architecture. The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for the increase in renovation projects, as hotels took advantage of low occupancy rates resulting in less guest disturbance. Renovating during the pandemic also allowed hotels to welcome guests back in a refreshing and exciting way. 

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Meet the New CEO

H. Speer (Bo) Burdette IV has been named the new President & CEO of MGroup™, succeeding H. David Murray who led the company for the past 20 years. Murray has moved to Chairman of the Board of Directors of MFLGH, Inc., the parent company of MGroup™. Bo will also Chair the Management Committee.

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