MGroup is Mproving

We are constantly striving to improve and be better than before! A recent poll we conducted on social media showed that 85% of people know what MGroup™ is about. We are about product quality, customer communication, and navigating the supply chain. This year, we are excited to implement several new strategies including restructuring our team.

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Ultracera® fits your style with Style Options

Our complete Ultracera® Color Line includes over 170 diverse countertop options. We offer a variety of style options including our Original Collection, Granite, Marble, Mottled, and Wild Colors. These include multiple colors and patterns ranging from bold and vibrant to classic and simple. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your next project design.

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Marriott Approved MGroup Products

A guest's hotel experience is crucial to a hospitality brand's reputation. Creating a quality experience for guests is the heart of the hotel industry and setting high brand standards is where this quality experience begins. MGroup™ is a lucky vendor of several Marriott-approved products including public area millwork, Ultracera® countertops, guestroom vanities, shower pans, shower accessories, and so much more.

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Finish with Mteriors® Furniture

A great hospitality design executed well has a significant influence on whether guests choose your hotel for their next stay. The moment a guest enters a hotel, the ambiance of the overall design shows off the furniture and finishes, which is what really defines the space. MGroup™ offers a complete line of furniture for full, select, and limited-service hotels around the world. We work directly with hospitality designers and purchasers to offer a wide range of products.

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Why Every Hotel Needs Rugs

It's true... Every hotel needs rugs! Not only do they provide design appeal, but they offer some incredible benefits. This one element does so much more for a space than you may know and we would love to introduce you to its many benefits. We offer a wide variety of rug options to meet your every need. Whether you require a quick ship option or a highly customized piece of art, we have you covered with handcrafted rugs of the finest materials.

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Save Time and Money with One Ultimate Resource for All Your Shower Needs – Mshower®

Designers and contractors face many challenges while creating spaces for the hospitality industry. Crafting a room can be difficult when you're working with multiple pieces from numerous vendors, especially a guestroom shower where measurements, installation, and organization are critical and can be a headache if not managed properly. Consolidating communication to one point of contact significantly helps save time and money by streamlining your project. After recognizing the demand, we here at MGroup™, a worldwide market leader in hospitality products and parent brand, created the ultimate resource for your shower needs – Mshower®.

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Design your Guestrooms with MGroup™

Hospitality Guestrooms may be the single most important piece of a guest's stay. After all, they'll spend most of their hotel stay in their room, so aesthetics are everything. MGroup™ offers everything you need for a guestroom including Mpressions® Area Rugs, QuietLok® ERT flooring, Casework, Ultracera® surfaces, and furniture through Mteriors®.

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Ultracera® fits your budget with Pricing Series

Ultracera Pricing Series was created to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, senior/assisted living segment, and multi-family housing market including, but not limited to, apartments, condominiums, and duplexes. Our Pricing Series includes over 80 colors among four design series to provide an extensive offering of colors and designs commonly used in the market, at our best price possible.

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