How to Design with 2022 Pantone Color of the Year – Very Peri

As we begin 2022, we wish for hope, prosperity, and optimism, and with the effects of Covid-19 lingering, we could use some joy brought back into our lives. The official color of 2022, Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri, was specifically created to do just that and to reflect the innovation and transformation that is currently taking place in the world.

According to Time Magazine, the creation of the color Very Peri was “largely influenced by the desire to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, environmental concerns, and a larger reckoning with injustice and flaws within our current social structures.” With the creation of such an empowering color, we don’t doubt that Very Peri will be an iconic color for years to come.

But what color is Very Peri, and how can we use it? Pantone describes this color as a “dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone.” Very Peri melds the “loyalty and dependency” of your traditional blue with the “zest and power” of red. This powerful color is easily the star of any color palette and makes a dynamic accent color.

MGroup™ has tons of resources that can make Very Peri the star of your design. With options for countertops, shower surrounds, LVT, rugs, furniture, and so much more, we can help accessorize your room with innovative statement pieces.

We find the perfect way to showcase Very Peri among neutral and warm grays and taupes. The clean and timeless neutral hues juxtaposed with the modern and innovative Very Peri is the perfect conglomeration to create a well-balanced, but eye-catching room.

Very Peri can be featured in periwinkle furniture or on the walls to create a moody environment. Our Ultracera® Wild Collection offers Very Peri hues in solid surface options such as Faralon Water or Darien Olympic, to make a dramatic statement.

Flooring is another great way to compliment any Very Peri palette. LVT floors such as our QuietLok®, offer contrasting shades of both light and dark and add a natural element of various textures to any space.

For the final touch, peruse our Running Line Rugs selection for existing pattern options or contact Brie, our Rug Program and Development Designer, to discuss our Custom Rug design options.

So, as we bring in the new year, give your room a little pizzazz and optimism with Very Peri! For more information or help finding the right products, contact your local sales representative.

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