We Are MGroup™ – Interview with Regina Arnold

Regina just celebrated working at MGroup™ for 5 years, and we don't remember what the company was like before her. She is so loved, personally and professionally. She is our Executive Assistant and Office Manager but does so much more for everyone on our team and her position simply can't be condensed into a job title. She means so much to each of us, and we are so fortunate she's on our team!

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MGroup™ offers contractor-friendly products!

Did you know MGroup™ offers contractor-friendly products designed to combat issues in the hospitality industry such as existing layouts for renovations, material breakage, and so on. We offer a wide range of products so you can purchase most (or all) of your needed items from one vendor.

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MGroup™ offers product diversity!

Did you know MGroup™ offers guestroom and public area product diversity through different materials, production styles, colors, and even pricing? From guestrooms and sitting areas to dining rooms and lobbies, MGroup™ offers a wide range of products for full, select, and limited-service hotels around the world. We can make sure you find an aesthetically pleasing product that also meets your specifications and budget!

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We Are MGroup™ – Interview with Kelsey Puckett

Kelsey began working at MGroup™ just over 5 years ago and has definitely made an impact! As an A&D / FF&E Business Development Specialist, Kelsey focuses on building up our FF&E program by forming relationships with design firms and purchasers. She assists our sales team as well in casegood quoting and orders. She is a friend both in and out of work and we are so thankful for her.

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Gloom to Bloom Design Picks

If you live in the south, March brings warmer weather and thoughts of spring. For many of us, spring represents a new beginning or a fresh take on life. It is warm and inviting as flowers begin to bloom, leaves grow on trees again, and we can spend our evenings outside as Daylight Savings begins. Our March design picks were hand-selected to inspire you and improve your mood from gloom to bloom.

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